'uLead was cool and a lot of fun! I really liked the workshops and expressing my own opinions and learning what other people's opinions are.'

'Of all the things I learned at the conference, the thing that jumps out is witnessing to people because I never have done that. It was such a good experience for me!'

'I don't think there is any one thing in particular I liked best about uLead. The entire thing was WONDERFUL!'

'uLead will set you on fire for Christ.'

'uLead taught me how much of a lemming I was (haha!) and how I can stand up for my faith and help others stand up for it. uLead is NOT a boring, talk-a-lot conference, but fun! I learned a lot without even noticing. I had fun while I learned.'

'The speakers were awesome, it's just what I needed to hear. I though they were right on, and the movie clips were great. The personality tests were also great. When you are at uLead, you learn a lot and get to know people.'

'uLead forced me to reach outside my comfort zone and be a leader as well as meet new people. The talks were encouraging and full of information and truth that I often don't pick up on my own.'

'The movie clips and speakers were great!'

'uLead was a lot of fun and I enjoyed going to the mall and learning how to share my faith. I also had a great time learning about my leadership personality.'

'The leadership conference talks were really encouraging and the staff was really encouraging in every area of the things we discussed. The one thing that really jumped out to me during the conference was about the history of our nation and how important it really is. uLead is a lot of fun and you get to meet other highschoolers that have the same desire to lead that you do.'

'uLead challenges you! One of the most important things I learned at the conference is that no matter what personality you have, you can be a leader. uLead is not what you expect!'

'I learned to lead and how to do a lot of things that will be of help in my life. The talk, "Politics? Who Cares?" was great. The different arguments were educational and good to learn. uLead is really cool because you learn things that will be of help in life and how to advance the kingdom.'

'I loved best the rich teaching and the youth leading the conference. I learned that we are ALL leaders! Just come to uLead and discover your God-given, true purpose and potential!'

'I liked breaking down into workshops and discussing the talks that we had. I feel like I really learned how to initiate conversations and get involved in different activities. uLead is an awesome time and you not only grow as a leader but as a Christian.'

'uLead helped me see that I have a place in the world and how I can be a leader. I no longer have to be a lemming forever! I can lead in every area of life in some way.'

'uLead is awesome!!! It was definitely a life-changing conference for me, and it can change your life too!'

'I liked getting to know new people, and learning how to actually lead.'

'I learned a lot at uLead, and it was fun. It also helped my faith in the Lord. I don't think it's possible to make it better.'

'I really liked the speakers because I learned a lot from them. I liked the movie clips too. I also liked learning about the different types of leaders.'

'I learned a lot about leading and life from uLead. It was a really good conference!'

'Of all the things I learned at the conference, the thing that jumps out is the whole leadership concept. It never really occurred to me that I REALLY needed to be a leader. I really enjoyed uLead.'

'Mr. Lankford, I loved your sessions! The staff was great! I learned not to be a lemming. I was just talking to my parents about why I do things, and your session really helped and encouraged me. This conference is awesome, the speakers are great, and you learn a ton.'

'The workshops were great! It didn't seem like you were listening for too long, and you could talk. The movie clips rocked! uLead is really fun. You learn about stuff that's interesting and you get to hang with friends a lot too!'

'The best part of uLead is that I learned the different ways to lead.'

'uLead is fun, interesting, and very beneficial. Lots of very very cool ice cold people. Even though I'm a kid, I learned that I can still be a leader. Make uLead longer than three days!'

'I really enjoyed the teachings. They kept them upbeat and exciting. The staff was great! I discovered that I can be a leader in my family. If you come to uLead, you will have a great opportunity to learn to be a leader in many area s of life.'

'My small group was awesome. I really connected with people. The talks were all great, and people didn't want it to end. The one thing that really impacted me is that I only get one childhood.'

'uLead is the perfect way to learn to be a leader within your peer group, and it's a blast in the process! Make it longer!'

'I loved meeting new people and being encouraged to lead. I don't really like politics, but Mr. Lankford made it sound interesting to the extreme! uLead is a very great learning experience and those who attend will definitely be encouraged to lead. Make it LOOOOOONGER! Its way too short!'

'I liked best learning with lot's of other people and singing during worship.'

'You will get a lot out of uLead. People encourage you, and God is there. The worship band was great.'

'I really liked the movie clips because it helps you remember what the speaker was talking about. The one thing that really jumped out was that it is time to step up and glorify God. uLead is a fun learning experience and it brings things into focus.'

'I would change NOTHING about uLead!'

'I really enjoyed seeing the biblical point of view about leadership.'

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